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Bitesize Birth is a safe space held each month for birth keepers, birth workers, parents and doulas to come together to learn more up to date information about all things pregnancy, birth and beyond and for a chance to discuss cases in a safe and supportive space with a view to sharing knowledge, wisdom and support.

Each session will include a short Bitesize Birth Lecture, discussing an aspect of pregnancy, birth and beyond with a view to us supporting people with a truer understanding of birth physiology and anatomy and how best to support the body to do what it is beautifully designed to do!

Each session will also include a chance to discuss and reflect on our work in a safe and supportive space. Sharing wisdom, knowledge and loving support so we can continue to do the same for those we care for.

Each session will be recorded and those who have booked to attend will recieve a link to rewatch the recording.

You have missed these Bitesize Birth Lectures Live but you can purchase the recording here:

All About Breathing

Helping at the Inlet/Early Labour

Trauma and Non-Violent Communication

Active Labour and the Mid Pelvis

Emergence and the Outlet

Shoulder Dystocia

Gestational Diabetes

Perineal Injury

Pain - Natural Pain Management



To support Birthworkers, Doulas, Birthkeepers with up to date, bitesize information about pregnancy, birth and beyond.

To provide a safe environemnt for sharing of experience, knowledge and stories.

What is Coming Up in Bitesize Birth?


August - Wednesday 23rd August 7.30pm BST on zoom

  • What is pain

  • What natural methods are there for pain relief during birth?

  • How do these natural methods work?

  • Do they have side effects, if so, what are they?

  • What are the pros and cons of pain relief methods?

  • How and when can they be used most effectively?

  • Safe discussion space

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