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Froggy Walchers


Froggy Walcehrs is an adaptation of Walchers position which can be used when hypermobility means walchers is too challenging. Also if the person has a heavy epidural and feet hanging from the bed is not safe or appropriate. It can also be used if Walchers cannot be tolerated for other reasons such as high BMI or the person not feeling safe.

As with Walchers, a trochanter roll can be used to increase spinal extension. Aim to drop the knees out, feet in and soles facing so there is external rotation of the femur, abduction and as much extension of the legs as possible to help tilt the pelvis, opening the brim.

Hold for three surges and between if the birthing person can tolerate. Stay close, supportive and attentive. Help them to breathe through the surges with lots of reassurance and love.

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