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Online Antenatal Course

This online antenatal course is Free to everyone, if you would like access to it, please Click here. It contains the following modules either as narrated videos and a slide presentation, sound files of the narration or pdfs slides with no audio, so you can learn in the way that suits you best.

It contains the following modules:

Module 1 – Physical and Mental Preparation for Birth

Module 2 – All About Labour

Module 3 – Where to Give Birth and Why

Module 4 – Optimal Foetal Positioning

Module 5 – Moving Through Labour

Module 6 – First Days as Parents

Module 7 – The Fourth Trimester

Module 8 – What to Expect From Medical Staff

Module 9 – Induction

Module 10 – Pain Management

Module 11 – Assisted Birth

Module 12 – Birth Companion Preparation

Module 13 – Serenity Birthing – Hypnotherapy, Massage, Breathing, Birth Pools, etc

Module 14 – The Wonderful Art of Feeding Your Baby

Module 15 – Formula Feeding

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