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Reverse Water Walchers


Reverse Walthchers in Water can be a more comfortable way for this technique as the water helps relax the muscles, support the body and the warmth is soothing for any discomfort caused by the extremem position.

A deep pool is needed, deeper than in the pictures here, which are just an indication of moving into position.

A wider or longer pool is also needed as the knees need to be brought as far away from the abdomen as possible, with the feet up on the edge. Creating that tilt in the pelvis that will make more space at the pelvic inlet.


In water it is easier to move in and out of the position between surges to have a rest and so can sometimes be more easily tolerated.

The hands can be down on the bottom of the pool and the birthing person can move from an arched spine position like this into a posterior tilt of the pelvis like in the Abdominal lift and tilt technique between surges to help ease discomfort.

Like Walchers, usually three surges in this position can make a big change in labour and contraction pattern as the inlet has been opened enough for the baby to descend into the pelvis.

You are aiming for a position similar to the Flying Cow Girl but in the water, on the hands and knees with the feet up on the endge of the pool.

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