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But Why should you sign up?     


The Most Comprehensive, Affordable Online Hypnobirthing Program there is

The Serenity hypnobirthing and mindfulness antenatal program is designed to empower you and your birth companions to have a positive birth experience, whatever path your birthing journey takes and however you choose to birth your baby.

Why? Because your birth experience really, really matters and a positive one has lifelong benefits for you, for your baby baby and for your family. If you don't believe me, read the research here and here 


Serenity Online Hypnobirthing and Mindfulness Course



  • 6+ Hours of Video content with over 70 videos filled with information, hints and tips and techniques to help you have an amazing birth experience no matter what path your birth takes or where or how you choose to birth your baby

  • MP3 relaxation tracks to listen online via the website (and downlodable versions shared via google drive on request)

  • Course notes booklet in PDF format to download

  • An example birth plan/care preferences template with ideas of things you might like as a reference

  • A birth plan/care preferences template to download and complete

  • Downloadable PDF Positive Affirmation cards you can print out at home 

  • Downloadable PDF pages of what to expect at different stages of labour and ideas of what a birth companion can do to support their birthing person

  • Downloadable PDF poster depicting Birth Physiology

  • Downloadable PDF - Eight reasons for unneccessary discomfort in labour

  • Downloadable PDF - Natural Sensation management techniques

  • Downloadable PDF - Perineal Massage technique

  • Downloadable PDF - Optimal Foetal Positioning

  • Downloadable PDF - What to pack in your hospital bag

  • A fully comprehensive Antenatal bonus course which has 15 Modules covering all things birth, breastfeeding and beyond either as video slide presentations, sound files or downloadable PDFs

  • Access to a reference page with loads of helpful links to research and useful websites and contacts for all stages of your pregnancy, birth, breast-feeding or bottle feeding journey and beyond

  • A discount voucher if you would like to hire me as your doula

  • A voucher for a discount for Antenatal sessions with me either online or in person if you wish to have a personal session or sessions



The course is a fully comprehensive hypnobirthing, relaxation and mindfulness antenatal course. The 72 videos have been divided into different sections with each section covering different topics, in specific areas, including a section demonstrating massage techniques that can be used during pregnancy and labour. Another section covers lots of different techniques to help you relax and stay calm. Another covers interventions, what they entail, some pros and cons for you to consider, including induction and cesarean birth and how you can make any birth a positive experience no matter where or how you birth your baby. Another section covers the stages of natural labour, what to expect and ideas of things that you may find helpful. This includes discussion about the third stage, so you can be fully informed about the benefits of skin-to-skin, delayed cord clamping and what active management means and why you may or may not wish to choose it as an option for your family. 

The MP3s which include guided meditations/relaxations, positive affirmations and breathing techniques are designed for you to listen to regularly, helping to build your confidence and sense of calm about the amazing experience that is the birthing journet. 

The course notes booklet has information from the course for your reference or that of your companion or companions. The birth preferences/care plan template can be filled out once you have watched all of the videos on the course. It can be printed and then given to those who will be supporting you during your birth journey and taken to appointments when discussing your care. The template can be downloaded for you to edit at your convenience and there is also a sample template with ideas of things you may like to include in your own plan.

The other PDFs are downloadable resources for you to have on your computer, tablet or phone to read at your convenience or print out if you would like to have them to keep at home. 


As a doula, I really belive that every birthing person deserves access to antenatal education and to be shown tools to achieve the best birth possible. Research is showing time and again how important a positive birth experience is, not just in the short term with bonding and breastfeeding but in the long term with building relationships as a family and helping you to feel amazing and empowered by your birth experience, no matter what path to birth your journey takes. I know that birth matters and I truly belive the a good birth experience for you, for your baby and for your companions and family really does make the world a better place. One experience at a time and I want to help more people to have an amazing experience. So I have priced this course at a hopefully affordable level. If it is still out of your reach, please contact me and I will do my best to help you. I always donate a percentage of my course costs to the Happy Baby Community to help vulnerable women to have doula support both ante-natally, post-natally and at their birth, so they do not have to birth alone. So by purchasing this course, you are helping another woman to have support for a better birth experience too.


Hopefully this course will help you to have access to the tools to have a more amazing, calm and empowering birth experience, to give you the tools to understand the wonderful things you and your body are capable of. You can watch the vidoes in the comfort of your own home at a time that suits you, or actually anwhere you can access wifi or a data plan so that you can stream. You can treat the course like netflix and binge watch a big chunk or watch it a video at a time. I encourage you to watch the course with your birth companion or companions becasuse knowledge is definately power when it comes to birth, so the more everyone knows, the more relaxed you will all be on your own unique, amazing journey.  


I think a lot of people get put off by the name. They worry from watching the TV that hypnotherapy is some sort of mind control.




This course is relevant to any birthing person, no matter where or how you are intending to birth your baby because it has a huge variety of tips, techniques, tools and information. You can use the whole lot or you can pick what resonates with you, even if you take one thing away from the 72 videos on this course that makes your birth a better experience, then that is money well spent! We spend money on our weddings or on technology or Birthdays or make-up. So, spend a little bit of money on a LOT of information to help you as you have the most life changing day of your life. The day you become a parent!

It doesn't matter how your baby is going to be born, or when or where or if you have a companion with you or a doula or no one. It doesn't matter if you're planning a home water birth or a caesarean in hospital. What matters is that you are fully informed and feeling confident to make the decisions that are right for you and your family. That you are prepared with practical tools to help you remain calm and relaxed throughout and that you have knowledge to help you feel empowered in order to make the right decisions for you and your family.


You will remember your birthing day for the rest of your life.


Your experience matters for the rest of your life.


This course will help you however, wherever, with whomever and whenever you birth your baby and it will help you with techniques and skills that are applicable to your every day life, not just your birth. 


After signing up online, you have unlimited access to this course for 12 months - You can access it on any and all devices you own it is not limited to one device. As long as you can access the internet, you can access the course. You can keep any of the downloadable resources that you do download forever.


I am confident that by the time you complete this course, you will feel more confident, relaxed, positive and excited about your birthing journey. That's why I am happy to offer a 14 day money back guarantee. If you buy the course and you don't find it helpful, then get in touch within 14 days and I will refund you in full*.  I KNOW this course works. You have nothing to lose and a LOT to gain! So, go for it! Click the button below and sign up now.

*To qualify for a full refund you will have watched less than 20% of the content and have submitted your request within 14 days of purchase.


Once you have purchased the Digital Pack and created an account for yourself, you will be able to access the course content from this website on desktop, , laptop or mobile device. You can sign in at any time to access the course content.

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