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Why is Birthing Biomechanics Important?


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Our bodies are designed to have babies. They have evolved over millions of years to do just this. It would not make evolutionary sense for our bodies to need medical interference to start labour, to help with labour, or none of us would be here.. So why today is there such a high induction rate? Such high rates of cesarean and instrumental birth? The World Health Organisation suggests that the cesarean rate should be around 10-15%, so why in many trusts is it over 30% regulary according to NHS England and seemingly continually on the rise?


When one person births their baby and says it felt easy and wonderful and they were amazed by the power of thier body and the time it took, yet there are tales of discomfort and fear and long, long labours from others, I think we need to ask the question.... WHY?

Why can one person birth seemingly painlessley and easily when, for another, it can be such a struggle? What can we do so that more people can birth comfortably, easily and feel empowered by their journey to becoming a family?

I truly belive that we need to learn to support our bodies to birth in the best possible way. We need to support our anatomy and our physiology to do what it was designed to do.

There is an old Osteopathic saying "Prevention is better than cure". Sure our bodies can heal from illness and injury but they work their best if these situations are avoided in the first place.


My courses aim to teach families, doulas and midwives about simple ways that we can help to balance the anatomy and support the physiology of the body so that birth can be safer, more comfortable and more wonderful for everyone involved.

So that we can have an understaning of what may happen in the twists and turns of birth, along with tools we can use to support the baby and the birthing person's body to smoothe the way.

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